At St John’s we hold a variety of styles of worship, so that there is something for everyone.

From 3 June 2018 we are introducing a new time of 10am for our main service, replacing both All Stars and the 10.45 service outlined below. The worship at Grace Taylor Hall will continue.

Until then, our Sunday menu includes:

All Stars 9:15am at the Church Hall in St John’s Church Rd

This is a cafe style of church service: short, interactive and designed for people of all ages but particularly for young families. We meet in St John’s Church Hall on Sunday mornings from 9.15 - 10.00 for worship, teaching and fun.


Morning Worship 9:15am at Grace Taylor Hall in Lucy Avenue

This short, informal service takes place in Broadmead Village. We both hear and discuss Christian teaching, but the emphasis is on friendship. The GTH congregation is under the care of Frances Morgan, one of our Readers. The third Sunday of each month is a service of Holy Communion.


Morning Worship 10:45am at the Church in St John’s Church Rd

This is our more traditional service, with relaxed Anglican worship, music and teaching. We  seek to apply the wisdom of the Bible to the real-life situations we all face. Before and after this service we serve coffee and enjoy getting to know each other. On the second and fifth Sundays of the month the services are Holy Communion.

Several times a year we hold a combined All Age Service at 10:45 am in the church with the All Stars congregation.  These are usually on special occasions such as Christmas, Easter or Mothering Sunday for example.